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Universal Computer Module: Evolution and Mobile Convergence. A completely modular, upgradable, repairable, reusable, and sharable device that can be used in different form factor enclosures from tablets to desktops. Users can easily update OS or FW as well as storage, memory and even CPU support.

Multiple Enclosures: Total Flexibility Convergence does not require giving up form factors that we need everyday. Multiple robust, configurable, repairable, and upgradable enclosures will allow for a seamless transition from work to home or wherever your destination might be. You will get familiar and consistent user experience with all the enclosure options.

Open Platform: Run All Your Apps on All Your Devices. Platform Supports: Windows 8 and Windows APPs, Windows Desktop Software, Latest Android OS, and Ubuntu For Android

Desktop Tablet PC: A New Design

LUCAN™ PC is the latest evolution of touch screen devices to increase user experience of interacting with their computers, increase productivity and make PCs fun again!

It is a unique tablet that provides very flexible and customizable input capabilities. Unlike other tablet products, it has a unique form factor designed to replace keyboards and can be used as a Desktop Tablet PC. The main vision of the design is to extend the life of PCs by introducing touch capabilities in an innovative design.The PC chassis, keyboard and PC Mouse have been around for a long time. These three devices are some of the most dumped devices.

The new Desktop Tablet PC can be used as a PC with a monitor, an input device by replacing the keyboard and mouse of a PC, or a Tablet PC. When combined with Windows 8, the product will reduce e-waste by introducing touch capabilities and other features to the PCs and will extend their use for many years..

Designed to Last with Complete Flexibility

Designed to Last: Both the CPU Card and the enclosures are designed with modular components. This allows for easy repairs and upgrades to meet your needs.

Complete Flexibility: One CPU card fits all and runs all favorite operating systems and applications. Since you use the same CPU card in all your devices, you have the option to choose your form factor, your OS and applications. You can now run your android apps on your PC on multiple screens or modify that power point application on your tablet. No network or transfer required.

Manufacturing and Assembly: We believe in supporting local economies where the devices are purchased. We will expand in local geos for assembly and direct support, as volumes grow and demand materializes.

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